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Problem Solving Skills and why are they important.

It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that problem-solving skills, especially in the workplace, are crucial to success. While you shouldn’t hope for problems to arise, it is incredibly important to know how to handle them if and when they do pop up. But what exactly are problem-solving skills?

Problem-solving skills can be boiled down to 6 separate skills. Each is a significant skill you should hope to possess on your own but when combined, they can become a vital part of any workers’ skill set.


Active listening and the ability to convey that you are doing so are traits that are commonly shown in great problem solvers. Not only are they able to gather essential information from those around them but they are aware of the importance of valuing the opinions of others. This generally helps them to better understand problematic situations which in turn will allow them to figure out a solution to ameliorate things.

Analytical thinking

Thinking analytically is extremely helpful in thinking out possibilities and future consequences of implementing each. Being able to think ahead and consider which solutions are effective will support your ability to then select the most practical one.

Creative thinking

As important as it is to think analytically about problems, it can be equally as important to be able to think outside the box. Not only can this be the only way to solve some issues but it’s also a way to stand out from others. Looking at things from a different perspective and with the use of imagination can be the key to solving a multitude of problems.


Regardless of how you think about solving problems, it won’t amount to much if you aren’t able to effectively convey these solutions to others. Good problem solvers can relay complex information efficiently and effectively in a way that is beneficial for co-workers and employers.


The ability to make decisions confidently is essential for a good problem solver. After all, once they’ve come up with some solutions, they must be able to decide which would be the most pragmatic and be able to communicate this assertively if they want others to trust that they know what they’re talking about. Relaying this information too timidly may just result in others losing faith in their ideas.


It is important to be able to be an independent and self-reliant thinker. However, it’s incredibly important for a good problem solver to be competent as part of a team Not only should you be able to work with others, but you should be able to motivate those around you to come up with solutions too.

Why are these skills important?

While some reasons have been covered, there are still many others to discuss. So, continue reading to find out why problem-solving skills are important.

It’s about teamwork

Workplace requires a coordinated team effort, Everyone should have their own role to play when it comes to solving problems and while it can be possible to solve some problems independently, it is usually easier when you have the resources provided by a whole team.

Time management

The ability to efficiently organise your time and duties to perform in that time will naturally come with good problem-solving skills. Being able to fit certain actions into a limited timeframe is somewhat of a puzzle itself and having the problem-solving skills to decipher this puzzle will lead to you being able to manage your time more intelligently.

Preparation for the unknown

Problem-solving skills, as discussed previously, require you to sometimes think about the future. By knowing the cause and effect of actions and consequences, you will be better prepared for the future. After all, it’s important to know that the workplace and your success in it depend on your ability to plan for the future as well as to conduct yourself correctly in the present.

All in all, problem-solving skills can help you in the workplace regardless of your place on the corporate ladder. It can make you a more desirable candidate for employment, can majorly benefit you and your company and will help you stand out as an asset or formidable competitor in business.



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