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Why outsourcing lead generation is important for start-ups?

Lead generation is, without a doubt, a vital component of any marketing strategy. Around 85% of B2B marketers place lead generation as their most significant content marketing goal.

It is arguably even more important to a start-up company considering that roughly every 9 in 10 of them fail and only 50% of them make it to their fifth year.

If you are the owner of a start-up company then you know how much hard work it takes even without having to worry about generating leads. Therefore, it’s good to take into consideration the idea of bringing on outsourced lead generation teams. After all, there are many benefits to making use of an external lead gen team/company.

Tighter cost margins

Money can already be a major issue, especially in the early years of a company. Outsourcing can be a wonderful aid when it comes to keeping your operating costs low. According to a publication by Biz Community, it can save up to 60% of operating costs.

This would allow you to invest money in other aspects of your start-up company and in turn, will alleviate at least some stress that comes with the already stressful nature of a start-up.

Increased brand exposure

Brand awareness is an incredibly vital element for gaining that competitive edge to set yourself out from your competitors. It will also inevitably build loyalty with your customers.

A good, outsourced lead generation team with experience can ensure your brand is both noticeable and recognised.

Training not required

Utilising the expertise of an already existing lead generation team means there is no need to train a new employee for the job.

Most trainees take at least 3 months to settle in on average. This kind of time isn’t something you can afford to spare when you are first starting up a business.

Professional lead generation teams are ready every day and are prepared to start getting you the new leads you require at the snap of a finger. As a result, you won’t need to spend precious time training a new employee from scratch.

Scale-up at your own pace

Rather than having to worry about growing too fast out of some perceived necessity, you can instead put at least some worries to bed by outsourcing.

Growing too fast comes with the risk of going bankrupt or into more debt than you can handle. In contrast, scaling too slowly can often lead to missing out on critical opportunities that would otherwise become momentous changes/milestones for your company.

Outsourcing to a more experienced team allows for more control when it comes to how quickly your business grows and more flexibility in general.

Improved motivation

Lead generation can be seen as very tedious and time-consuming when the focus could be better spent elsewhere. In a start-up, time is a resource that doesn’t come out of just anywhere and you usually can’t afford to throw away.

When employees are forced to put that much time and effort into what they consider to be a tedious task, it’s easy for them to become de-motivated. By leaving this work to a company already focused on and specialised in lead generation, you can avoid a pitfall like a blow to morale.

Access to specialised technology

Rather than buying more dedicated programs for lead generation, an outsourced lead gen company will come already equipped with all the technology necessary.

As a result, you can avoid having to pay licensing fees for these programs. This saves money and saves you the trouble of having to learn all this new technology by leaving it in the very capable hands of your chosen outsourced company.

In conclusion, as the owner of a start-up company, you are aware of how much hard work it is and how valuable your time and money are. You can save both with the help of outsourcing and thus it should be plain to see why it can be incredibly beneficial to look for external help.

Excelify Solutions is an expert when it comes to lead generation and if you’d like to learn more about lead generation or how we can be of service, consider visiting the Excelify Solutions website at or send us an email at


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