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What is CX and how has it changed in 2022?

Customer experience (CX) refers to how a business engages with its customers at every step during the interaction they have together.

Customer experience isn’t just the actions that take place, there is also a focus on how the customer is feeling throughout. This will influence the perception of your brand to current and future customers.

Why is it important?

Customer satisfaction and loyalty

Customers undeniably want a good experience to come along with their product/service. It’s crucial that you can deliver on both parts. Not only will this increase the potential of them spreading the word and boosting your brand’s image, but it will also create a lasting relationship between your company and the customer.

There are also many benefits to having loyal customers that are willing to advocate for your business. Since customers are much more likely to believe the word of fellow customers than a business, having a loyal customer in your corner and spreading the good word will likely result in you gaining even more customers.

As the loyalty and satisfaction of your customer are linked to their customer experience, you can see why improving CX is important. This is especially if you want to increase overall customer lifetime value.

A competitive edge

Today, technology has become so mainstream and so available that it’s given all businesses a chance to develop many innovative products. With them all becoming similarly advanced; though, it can be incredibly helpful to have something else in your back pocket to help you stand out from the crowd.

In a lot of markets, the most helpful element to possess is outstanding customer service and an amazing customer experience. Sometimes all it takes is being able to offer an experience that your competitors just can’t measure up to.

Up to 86% of online shoppers are more than willing to pay higher prices if they receive an extremely personalised and satisfying customer experience. But how are things looking for 2022?

The future


107,000,000 customer service interactions were analysed, and speed seems to have to biggest impact on customer service. Instant gratification is becoming a more and more significant aspect when it comes to retail. It’s even to the point that online customers want a response within 5 minutes to even consider it a positive customer experience.


91% of consumers expect the companies they deal with, to be both socially and environmentally conscious and responsible. Consumers require companies to be transparent about their dealings. .

At the end of the day, customers are getting used to and expecting similar things to before, but all presented in vastly different ways. They also require a more personal journey through the customer experience and therefore its important to focus on CX.


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