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What do buyers really want?

In today’s business world, there are a lot of assumptions about what customers really want. It’s common to hear complaints about how difficult clients can be to please. . So let us delve into some of the many things that your customers really want from you.

Clarity and consistency

Nowadays it’s common for customers to engage with your company across a multitude of channels and touchpoints. With this in mind, you should try to make the transition from one channel to the other as seamless as possible. Regardless of what platform of yours that they’re using, it should be made clear to them that it is all a single brand with the same mission and values shown.

This can also be reinforced on social media. A customer doesn’t want to be confused by conflicting or contradictory messages and designs across different channels for one brand.

To be understood

Your clients want to be known and heard by you. They want you to understand what they want and how to market to them. The last thing they want is to be treated as just another transaction.

You should be sure to listen to each of your customers/clients, find out more about them and tailor your approach to suit each of them. Put yourself in their shoes and try to get to the root of their problem to find the most effective solution.

Results and reliability

Unsurprisingly, when a customer or client chooses your brand to do business with, they do so with the expectation of good results, and it should be a priority of yours to give it to them. In fact, as mentioned in a previous article ( you should aim to exceed the results that your clients expect.

You should aim to prove again and again why you were the best choice for your clients and show them that you’re capable of providing more than sufficient results every time. They need to know that they can depend on you to offer them good advice and treat them well.

Present yourself as a reliable brand that can provide everything your clients need, not only will this inspire your existing clients to return but they may be convinced to spread the word and potentially bring even more customers to you.


When a customer is looking for which organisation to conduct business with, reputation of the Company matters. They want to be able to feel confident that you can provide what you offer and that your values line up with their own. Buyers need to feel like they won’t be let down or taken advantage of by your brand and your brand’s actions.

These are simple concepts, but they make a major difference. A couple of effective ways to show that honesty and transparency are traits that your company has is by showing off reviews given by other customers.

Customers naturally trust the word of fellow customers more than the organisation selling to them.

There are many traits that buyers truly look for in an organisation and there are many things to improve as a business so that you can better provide for them.

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