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Building Customer Trust

Building customer trust takes effort. Maintaining it requires commitment. Sometimes it can be hard to know where to start with either, but it isn’t as complicated a thought as it might sound. If you want to know more about the topic then feel free to read on.

Customer Service

An obvious place to start when it comes to building trust would be with customer service. It’s the most common form of interaction with customers. Providing excellent customer service; therefore, is an effective way to start to build that much-needed trust between yourself and the client. It can set an excellent first impression if handled well and consistently good customer service can mean the difference between losing a customer and keeping a loyal one.

Be sure to train your customer service reps well so they are prepared to handle the task. It’s a good rule to put the customer first. A friendly environment is sure to put them at ease and eventually start trusting your company.

Honesty and Transparency

No customer wants to have any dealings with what is perceived to be a shady brand. Not only because they may feel uncared for, perhaps even neglected as a client, but also because many just don’t want to do business with a company that doesn’t align with their ethical concerns.

Customers value truth and transparency and want to be sure the products they’re purchasing are coming from a moral and ethical source. How can you expect a customer to trust you if they don’t find you trustworthy?

Be clear about what your brand offers. Present the core values of the company in a friendly and open manner. After all, 77% of consumers prefer to purchase from companies that share their values and 81% feel they must be able to trust the brand they are with to do what is right.

Positive Reviews and Anecdotes

A positive review and a few good testimonials can go a long way in building trust. It should be a given that a customer is more willing to take the word of a fellow customer than the company trying to sell to them. 79% of people say that user-generated content highly impacts their purchasing decisions.

You should also remember to encourage customers to leave their own reviews. Not only could this result in more positive feedback to aid your cause, but it likewise will also result in more interaction between the customer and the brand. This in turn will make the customer feel like they’re being heard and that their opinion matters to the company, which it should.

Deliver on Expectations by Being Reliable

When you claim your product or service is what the customer needs, it can be easy to fall into the trap of hyperbole. However, while you should speak confidently on what you’re providing, it is just as important to deliver as per these expectations you’ve set for your customers. Be sure to deliver what you promise.

Sometimes a customer may attempt to reach you with an issue concerning your product/service. It’s in your best interest to have some form of support in place to deal with issues like this quickly. If you speak proudly about your product when you’re selling it then ensure you have some countermeasure if that product ever fails to reach those standards. Be reliable and reachable. No customer is going to appreciate being left on hold for too long or at the bottom of a long list while waiting for online support.

By providing consumers with readily accessible support, not only will you raise your chances of keeping them as a loyal customer, but you also prove that their business is valuable to you even beyond that initial transaction. This goes a long way in turning someone from a consumer to a trusting, long-time customer. Really the point is letting your customers know that they genuinely matter to you. Prove it with respectful, professional, and competent support as reliably and consistently as possible.

Building and maintaining the trust of your customer takes a lot of work, commitment, and dedication. However, with these tips, hopefully, you have a new sense of what directions and what roads you can go down to get a start on it. For more information feel free to visit or email us at


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